Greenwood NJROTC Recruits Middle Schoolers


NJROTC Color Guard presents colors at the DCMS Recruiting.

By Samuel Larson, Reporter

On Tuesday, February 25, the Greenwood High School NJROTC made a short march to recruit at Drakes Creek Middle School. The Greenwood Cadets put on a short presentation for the middle schoolers across the street. The presentation consisted of Color Guard, Honor Guard, Drill Team and a PT squad. The announcements were done by cadet Logan Hendrick.

Color Guard, led by cadet Callie Carrol did the normal basketball game routine marching out with two flags and two rifles and the marching back. Honor guard, led by cadet Destiny Goodpaster also did the normal routine marching out with swords.

Drill Team was led by cadet Blake Knight and did a similar marching routine which consisted of many countermarch marches. When the command countermarch march is given, the cadets basically turn around and march in the other direction. The PT squad, led by cadet Michal Reindal, went last and did a few workouts such as push-ups and jumping jacks. Ten of the middle schoolers participated in the PT event.

The ROTC does the recruiting so that any middle schoolers that may be interested in joining the program can know more of what it is about. After the presentation, any middle schoolers who were interested in the program were allowed to ask questions and talk to the Senior Naval Science Instructor, Lt. Colonel Larson.  If they are seriously interested, they can learn how to sign up for the program.

Most of the cadets in the presentation are the cadets going to the Hamilton Ohio ROTC Drill Competition this weekend. The competition will consist of a PT Competition, armed and unarmed Drill competitions, a Color Guard competition, Knock Out, Academics and Inspection.