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Where Are You Doing for Spring Break?

By Madison Moseley, reporter

February 22, 2020

     Do you have plans for this year’s Warren County School spring break, April 6th through the 10th?  Would you rather go on a roller coaster that goes upside down 5 times or would you rather lay out on the sandy beaches of...

Movie Review: 1917

Movie Review: 1917

February 21, 2020

Do We Take Advantage of Valentine’s Day?

By Lauren Zanovich, Reporter

February 14, 2020

It’s not uncommon for people to feel mixed about what February 14 is recognized for. Valentine's Day concerns sharing or thanking the love for typically someone in particular. Though many, including myself, think against the...

What Would You Do?

By Madison Moseley, Reporter

February 11, 2020

Imagine walking through the hall with your best friend going to your homeroom swamp; everything is going completely normal, and then you hear a… In 2019, there were around 13 school shootings in the United States; where and ...

School Lunch: Healthy, or Harmful?

By Mac Bettersworth, Reporter

January 27, 2020

In the U.S., there are almost 100,000 public schools, making almost 100,000 cafeterias. That’s about six times the amount of McDonald’s in the country. School plays an important role in how kids connect with what they eat; one in f...

Greenwood Teens and Modernized Earbuds

By Lauren Zanovich, Reporter

January 22, 2020

Variations of earbuds and headphones are widely used in this age by teens. Focusing on earbuds specifically, they are a part of modern technology to the generation. Whether it be for educational purposes or entertainment, they...

New Car Necessities

New Car Necessities

January 22, 2020

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