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Trippy Trendy

Trippy Trendy

February 24, 2020

Movie Review: 1917

Movie Review: 1917

February 21, 2020

Wanna Hear a Joke?

Wanna Hear a Joke?

February 20, 2020

Gator Musicians Unite for SWAMP Show

By Anaya Ramirez, Reporter

February 18, 2020

On February 20, Greenwood High School is holding a SWAMP Show at 7 p.m. in the auditorium. The show will feature the combined talents of the GHS band, orchestra, and choir. This show is modeled after Western Kentucky University's Pr...

Why Everyone Was Upset About The Golden Globes

By Jayden Belote, Reporter

January 22, 2020

On January 5, tears were shed and smiles were shown at the 77th Golden Globes award ceremony in Los Angeles. Actors of all types and ages gathered to walk the red carpet and celebrate the award ceremonies.  The nomination...

NEWSIES: The Musical Comes To Greenwood High School

By Dominique Franks, Reporter

January 22, 2020

On Friday, March 13, at WKU Van Meter Auditorium, Greenwood High School Drama will be performing the musical Newsies. They started conditioning back in October and have been working really hard since. Erica Cassidy and Abigail ...

Sneakerheads Invade Greenwood

By Lee Merideth, Reporter

January 22, 2020

What makes a sneakerhead? Not just a person who wears sneakers, but someone who collects and loves sneakers with a passion  There are a few sneakerheads at Greenwood; they have pairs ranging from Yeezys to the newest retros...

What is Greenwood Kids Favorite Christmas Movie

By deven dean, Reporter

December 14, 2018

Everyone knows Christmas is coming up and that means it's time for Christmas movies, in my eyes its the, "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" but that's my favorite movie but this is what kids in Greenwood think is a good Christmas movie...

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