A blast from the past: Student’s favorite 80’s films!

We asked students their favorite eighties films, see which ones came first!


Despite the fact that us teens were not around in the 1980s, we have all seen or heard about 1980’s films/pop culture (and developed quite a love for it). What is better than re-visiting one of the best points in history? The 80s gave us so many classic films that will continue to be popular in many future generations, below I have listed mine and a few Greenwood student’s favorites:


Here are a few of my personal favorites:

“Dirty Dancing” – This story follows a young woman called “Baby” who spends a summer at a resort with her parents and sister. Baby becomes increasingly bored until she meets one of the resort’s dancers, Johnny. Once Johnny runs into a problem, Baby steps in as his dancing partner and the two begin to learn a lot more about each other than thought. For more info about this story, watch the trailer below!

“The Karate Kid” – I am quite sure nearly all of us know of this classic story, However, I will summarize for those who are a little behind on their movie list. Daniel moves to California with his mother for a fresh start, however, he begins to get bullied by a group of boys who are being taught karate. Once meeting the repairman, Mr. Miyagi, Daniel discovers this man is quite the karate expert himself. After many attempts to learn himself, Daniel looks to Mr. Miyagi for help in defending himself against these bullies. For more info about this story, watch the trailer below!

“Stand by me” – Once hearing on the radio that a boy’s dead body was missing near their homes, four boys set out to find him and “become famous”. On the way, they learn more about themselves and each other than they ever thought possible. For more about this story, watch the trailer below!

“The Outsiders” – Placed in the sixties, the greasers and the socials are at a social war with each other. Ponyboy and Johnny are young greasers who just want to stay out of the chaos, until one night they are nearly killed by a group of drunk socials and Johnny has no choice but to murder a soc named Bob. Ponyboy and Johnny immediately know they must leave town and go into hiding. For more info about this story, watch the scene below!

“The Goonies” – With friends by their side and a treasure map in hand, brothers Mikey and Brandon set off on an adventure to save their home from being taken from them. For more info about this story, watch the trailer below!

“Beetlejuice” – The Maitlands were a normal couple living in a beautiful home in New England, however, they did have one secret, they were dead. When a new family moves in their home unaware of the Maitlands existence, the Maitlands begin to try to scare them away. When their attempts are unsuccessful, they turn to the ghost ‘Beetlejuice’ to help. For more info about this story, watch the trailer below!


These are a few of the most exceptional films of the 1980s, here are a couple of GHS students favorites…


“The Breakfast Club” – Madison McGrew, Freshman


“Beetlejuice” – Tristan Sturm, Junior


“Back to the future” – Christopher Shedd, Senior




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