movies based on video games

They go out when talking about movies about video games and which are considered the best adaptations, but they only talk about the best known, it is possible that several movies or series are not on this list, it is also about not giving spoilers so that they can see it and think if they are. good or not are free to comment.

By Ilhan A.

sonic: a children’s movie in the world of sonic with certain nods to the video game saga with the characters quite faithful to the first movie and the second with impressive visuals and a soundtrack very faithful to the original game with moderate comedy and not so repetitive.


detective pikachu: pokemon movie being a spinoff of the video game of the same name for the 3ds going from such a colorful world to a somewhat dark world, with very incredible visuals and special effects that look impressive together with the designs of the pokemon themselves, having certain nods to both anime and video games.


mortal kombat: The two mortal kombat (the one from 1995 and 2021) are loved by fans for having true references to video games, both characters, plot and characteristic movements of the characters respecting their origins.


The Last of us: Long before its premiere it was considered a failure due to the supposed forced inclusion to which it would lead, but after its premiere it had a good response. Fans loved the series for having a strong plot and having references to the video game, getting a good rating.


Silent Hill: from the most famous horror saga of the PS2 comes to the big screen with well-done visuals and a suspenseful atmosphere with an open ending that will leave you intrigued with faithful characters and well-done places.


Resident Evil 2002: Being considered the best of the film saga, the black colors and little lighting, being almost terrifying together with the well-done practical effects and a fairly good CGI for the time, being faithful to the main games of the saga.