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Hard Work Pays Off for Greenwood Marching Band

By Braden Cutright-Head, Reporter

February 3, 2017

Filed under Arts & Entertainment, Student Life

They work in the band room, working their fingers to the bone for the upcoming competition. They practice, and practice, practice some more, and practice again. They are the marching band. Imagine working on the football field with y...

Student Dress Code

By Alaina Scipioni, Reporter

January 23, 2017

Filed under Opinion, Student Life

Joanna Bates states "Yes, I do feel we should have a uniform, because they are comfortable but I do feel we should have some days where we don't have to wear them."  However, KK Allen, Luke Kenney, and Cameron Paisley all disagre...

TOTW: Mrs. Fredrick

TOTW: Mrs. Fredrick

January 20, 2017

Morning Routines Yield Similar Results

By Allison Croslin, Reporter

January 20, 2017

Filed under Student Life

When asked if she cared what she looked like at school, KK Allen, a sophomore, said, “Why, no, I don’t have anyone to please.” KK isn’t like your stereotypical girl. It doesn’t take her 30 million hours to get ready f...

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