How do you manage your school work at home?

By Niang Piang, Reporter

How do students manage to do their school work when they have other things to do during a world pandemic? 


Everyone has a very different life but we all have the ability to keep track of our time. As a student, it is hard to stay focused on your work when you’re at home. This includes, going through social media on your phone, talking to your friends. These kinds of distractions are the distraction that makes you think, “Oh, I’ll just go through my phone for a little bit.” but as we go through our phones, we lose track of time, and this is when your work starts to pile up in one big pile. 


When you’re at home, teachers are expecting you to do your work as you would in school. To meet these expectations, it is very important to prioritize your assignments and find a dedicated study space for you to work.


I have interviewed my friend to see how she did her school work virtually. A friend of mine named Mary shared with me that from 8am to 12pm, she marked all her attendance to show her that she’s present. And after marking her attendance, she made sure that she did all her chores and other things that needed to be done. After she does all that, she does her school work. So far, she is doing pretty well in her classes. 


This is just one way to get really okay in school. No matter what it is, making sure that you’ve put your school work before anything else while in school is the most important and helpful thing that everyone should know.