Teacher Feature- Ms. Lindsey Spicer


By Hannah Humble, Reporter

Greenwood is a High School that is proudly recognized for the teachers that work so hard, both day and night for their students. Ms. Lindsey Spicer is someone who goes above and beyond for her students, as well as the people she loves. I have the pleasure and honor to know her and have her as someone I can seek for advice. Widely known as the “woman with the camera,” you will spot Spicer at most events for Greenwood High School. She will either be cheering on her students or capturing what they love with her camera. 

What is Ms. Spicer’s job at GHS? She is a sign language interpreter, so she interprets for a hard of hearing student. She travels with her student to all of her classes and extracurricular activities. “I interpret everything people say.” Surprisingly, she didn’t even know sign language until college. “I went to Eastern Kentucky University and wanted to photograph crime scenes,” Spicer continues, “but my world turned upside down and I fell in love with sign language at EKU because so many people used it.” She was a natural at using this language and that’s what she loves doing to this day. Spicer graduated from Bowling Green High School, but she says that she is now a “true Gator.”

There is so much about Ms. Spicer that so many people don’t know about. She is one of the most selfless people I have had the pleasure of knowing. “Outside of school, I enjoy hanging out with friends, going to church, and taking pictures.” You will almost always see her doing one of these things. “I take pictures probably 4-5 times a week, I am at church 3 times a week, and I hang out with my friends anytime I can get a free night.” Spicer has her own Photography business that is getting tons of attention this time of year- ldphotography. To add to all of this “Spice,” she also sings. Her favorite things to sing are worship songs at her church, Crossland Community Church, when she has free time. 

“I am enneagram 7, so I love to be happy and find the good in situations, so I don’t like to focus on the negative things. I am always down to be spontaneous. I love going for long drives with the windows down- even if it’s cold outside. I love rolling the windows down and jamming out to music- especially Ben Rector. I love going to Nashville and Atlanta when I am free to see my friends.” As you can see, Spicer is a very busy and spontaneous person; she loves to find the fun in life.

Ms. Lindsey Spicer is a social butterfly who loves to meet people. So, next time you see her, don’t hesitate to say hello! She is a teacher who goes above and beyond for her students, as well as a friend to those who need one. She deserves to be featured and in the spotlight because of her bubbly energy that she never fails to give off.