2020-2021 Student Body President

By Hannah Humble, Reporter

The 2020-2021 student body president elections happened Friday, October 2, 2020. There were 5 candidates in the running for president of the Student Body. All of these candidates are a part of the Student Council. These candidates included Nidhi Patel, Haley Gordon, Abby Murphy, Poojan Pansuriya, and David Minotti. Electing the president of the student body is very important because it will affect every student in the school. This was also an opportunity for the students of Greenwood High School to use their voice and express their opinions through voting. All of the candidates were well deserving of this role in the school, but only one person could win the election. The runner-up was named Vice President. 

The Student that was voted as our new President was Ms. Abby Murphy and the runner up as Vice President is Ms. Haley Gordon. These two girls had great campaigns that are going to positively impact the Student Body of GHS. This race was very close. Abby Murphy was chosen by the majority of the Students because of what her campaign stated that she would do for this year. Her slogan for her campaign was “Don’t Be Shabby Vote for Abby.”  The mission statement on her campaign website says, “My mission is to represent that school that I love so much in the best way possible. I believe that way is the students. Students play one of the largest parts in the high school system, especially at Greenwood. I’ve never seen so much effort put in by so many students at a school… and I’m not just saying that because I go here (although, that is a plus.) I want to represent the students by listening to all ideas, suggestions, and offers to help better our school in any way. I believe in unity. This school should be a place where we come to escape the struggles in the outside world. A place where we can be surrounded by those in our class to uplift us and feel part of a team.” 

Abby is very involved with activities in school, as well as out of school. She is a part of Student Council, The Greenwood Musical, Student ambassadors, pep team, NHS, acapella, and Choir. She is an officer for FCA and the Oar Club, and is the Beta Secretary. Outside of school, she is involved in her churches as a worship singer. She is also a babysitter for 2 kids when she is not at school. Her plans and goals for this school year are for things for the well-being of the Students at Greenwood. She strives to make all classes (Freshmen-Seniors) to be welcomed and heard because every person at this school is seen as an asset. I talked to Abby about her win and what her plans were for this very different school year. 

Was she expecting to win? Not in the slightest. “Oh heck no. Not in the slightest because there was so much competition. Everyone had great campaigns, so I was super intimidated. But I knew that whoever was supposed to win was going to win.” She knew that whatever was meant to happen was going to happen. She has many ideas for this year. “We have some ideas. We are trying to get people more involved via online. So basically our overall goal is to unite the school and student body together. We want to incorporate everyone’s ideas into one.” She also added, “My goals for the school year is to make sure that every voice is heard- even behind a mask, learn everyone’s name, form connections, give people opportunities to form connections in ways that they never have before.” She hopes to allow every single person involved in Greenwood to be heard and seen because they all have a voice that they were given. Why did she decide to run for Student Body President? Abby said, “I love the school and I love the people of the school. The love I have for this school is astronomical because it’s shaped who I am today. I want to give back and allow other students to have the same opportunity to say that they love the school just like I do.” Greenwood is a place that welcomes everyone, and she feels so privileged to be able to call this her school. Abby hopes that every student here has the opportunity to say that they are proud of being a part of GHS. 

Abby Murphy is a girl that is super down to earth. She was voted president, and there is no doubt that she will be such a positive asset and influence to the students of Greenwood High School. She has many goals and ideas for this school year, even if they may look different than before. I am so grateful to say that Abby is one of my greatest friends, and she is the sweetest person. She would love to get to know you on a personal level. The competition of this election was great, but the students’ voices were heard. This school year of these circumstances are in very good hands with Abby Murphy and Haley Gordon.