By Gloria Costeri


Interview with Chloe Oller, Madalyn Osborne and Kylie Breece.


Senior year: the most desired but feared year, when you are surrounded by college applications but when you are still trying to enjoy your last teenage years.

Senior year during Covid -19: a pandemic is going on, you go to school just two days a week and you don’t even know if you are going to finish it at school.


Let’s see what three of our Greenwood seniors – Chloe Oller, Madalyn Osborne and Kylie Breece – answered to some questions about their high school experience.

Let’s start with a difficult question: which is the best memory you have of high school?

Chloe: The best memory I have is the first Pep Rally I participated in, because I was with all my friends and we had so much fun.

Maddie: I don’t have a single best memory, but I happily remember every homecoming we had! I really hope we are going to be able to have one this year too.

Kylie: I have a best memory for sure, that is when I saw the FFA boys singing “Shake it for me” all together.


How do you feel about senior year?

Maddie: It is nerve wracking because I have to get ready for college – I am surrounded by applications and people who keep asking “Are you sure this is the right choice for you?” – I am slowly realizing that our teenage years are coming to an end and that I have to get ready to join the “real world”.

Chloe: I feel the same, it is overwhelming!

Kylie: I feel the same as Maddie and Chloe, and I am a bit scared and sad that high school is about to end.


Talking about college, do you already know where you want to go?

Chloe: Hopefully I’ll attend the Pre Medical School at UK (University of Kentucky).

Kylie: I have the same plan as Chloe.

Maddie: I will probably go to WKU (Western Kentucky University) to study Dental Hygiene. 


Do you think that Covid is ruining your senior year?

Chloe: For sure. Even though I am trying to be as optimistics as possible, I have to admit that I am really sad about my senior year: lots of activities have been canceled, we are not all together at school – Kylie goes on Mondays and Wednesdays, Me and Maddie on Tuesdays and Thursdays – and may not even have a prom and a graduation ceremony! As I said before, I am still trying to see the positive side because, at least, we are going to school in person and we could go to football and soccer games.

Kylie: I agree with you Chloe and I am trying to be optimistic that it will get better by the time we will have to attend the graduation ceremony.

Maddie: I could not agree more with both of you guys.


How do you feel about this pandemic? Are you scared of it? What are you doing to prevent yourself from getting Covid-19?

Kylie: I think it’s a real thing but I am not scared of it. However, I social distance and wear masks everywhere I go, to protect myself and the ones that are around me.

Maddie: Exactly, and I don’t think that this should stop our lives and that we have to learn how to deal with it, because it’s probably going to be around us for a while.

Chloe: I agree with you two and I really hope that all this will end soon.


I would like to thank these girls for helping us understand how different it is being a senior this year and to have shared with us their high school experience. Then, I want to quote Mr. Hatcher and say “Be good to yourself and be good to others” because this is what we have to do especially during this hard time!