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Destiny Sears
Hi, I'm Destiny Sears and I am a freshman at Greenwood High School. I'm a Taurus, my favorite color is yellow and I like pretty all music but fallingforyou by The 1975 is my most favorite song of all time, if I ever get concert tickets it will be the best day of my life. I think I would like to be a psychologist when I'm older, like if I'm not famous in a couple of years that's my backup plan. I have two cats that I love a lot, I have a dog too but she's mean so yeah, I would like to say I'm a pretty decent person I'm just not very outgoing so I won't usually start conversation. Uh, I love my friends a lot they make me extremely happy and that's about it but How to Get Away with Murder, Criminal Minds and Orange is the New Black are three of my most favorite shows!

Destiny Sears, Reporter

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Destiny Sears