Fans Angered as Racist Tweets are Uncovered

By Destiny Sears, Reporter

Beauty YouTube, as we have come to know it, is taking a rather controversial turn with some of its top creators dark past finally catching up to them. If you’ve been on any social media platform the past couple of weeks, then you’ve probably noticed this apology video surfing around.

The person in the video is Laura Lee, a 30-year-old from Montgomery, Alabama. Lee has not released any further statement regarding the video where she apologized for racist comments she made in 2012 after receiving backlash when fans found her old tweets, causing her to lose over 240,000 subscribers in under a week. Many have called her out for her “subpar acting” and “insensitiveness toward the situation.” Other YouTubers have poked fun at the video, recreating it.

This one by YouTuber Tom Harlock is by far my favorite:


In her tweets she made remarks telling black people to pull their pants up so they can “run from the police faster..”


Three others include her using racial slurs and poking fun at Chinese and Asian stereotypes.



Following the incident, it has been reported that Lee also lost her contract with American skincare and cosmetics chain, Ulta. She has not posted any further updates since the release of the video.