Is Zepeto a Tracking App?

Is Zepeto a Tracking App?

By Destiny Sears, Reporter

Zepeto is a game created by Snow Corporation and Naver Corp. that allows you create a mini version of yourself. The app seemingly blew up overnight after users across Twitter and Instagram shared screenshots of their characters, causing it to gain a large following of 10 million. It has also become the number one social networking app on iOS, as well as the sixth most downloaded free app on Android, but the rising popularity of the app has brought along rumors as well.

After a Tweet surfaced claiming that the app was actually a tracking app, thousands went into a panic, leading them to delete the app altogether.

Though the rumor has since then been debunked, starting as a joke by a group of people who were tired of seeing the app on their timeline, users everywhere are still paranoid.

First and foremost, the app doesn’t even ask for your location, which means that in no way could Zepeto be a tracking app. Snow Corporation is a subsidiary of Naver Corp., a trusted internet content service company headquartered in Seongnam, South Korea, and is one of the largest South Korean search engines. Snow essentially acts as a substitute for Snapchat, developing and operating Snow App, a photo and video app with localized filters, stickers, and features.

Naver Corp. has yet to respond to the allegations, but it’s pretty much certain that no, Zepeto is not tracking you. It’s a harmless app designed for those who enjoy meeting new people, playing games, and customizing their character (and surroundings) to their hearts desire.