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Attention Class of 2019!!

By Leah Witcher, Reporter

May 1, 2018

Class of 2019, The end of your junior year is approaching and the final year is right around the corner.  You can start getting ready by purchasing a senior shirt; it wouldn't be a true senior year without the t-shirts. All...

Gators Headed to the Gatton Academy

By Leah Witcher, Reporter

April 26, 2018

As a follow up to "Greenwood Students Apply to Gatton Academy," congratulations to the following two students of the class of 2020 in their acceptance to the very prestigious academy: Caitlin Cook Owen Mefford Thi...

Local Fun Things for Students to Do This Summer

By Maddie Woodcock, Student Life Editor

April 11, 2018

If you are in for a staycation this summer and you're thinking "There is nothing fun to do in Bowling Green," here's a list of fun summer things to do that will prove you wrong. Beech Bend cost of tickets: $35.99 ...

My Trip to the Haunted Lighthouse

By Carly Miller

April 10, 2018

Over Spring Break, I traveled to Florida to visit one of the most famous lighthouses in America.  The Pensacola Lighthouse, located on the Pensacola Naval Base, has been named one of America’s most haunted places. Bui...

Summer Jobs for Students

By Maddie Woodcock, Student Life Editor

April 10, 2018

Fast Food  Wendys Taco Bell Chick-fil-a Burger King Saladworks Corner Bakery Bojangles Pizza Hut Little Ceasers Lifeguarding  Bowling Green Country Club Beech Bend Russell Sim's Aquatic...

Greenwood’s 2018 Prom Theme Revealed

By Maddie Woodcock, Student Life Editor

April 9, 2018

This year's prom theme is called "Young & Beautiful," inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel, The Great Gatsby. The chosen colors for this year are black, gold, and white. The tickets are $25 dollars each and you ...

Buy a Spring Sports Spirit Week Shirt

By Carly Miller

March 28, 2018

Spring sports spirit week is coming up in order to show support for Greenwood Track and Field, Baseball, and Softball.  Per usual, there will be a spirit day during the week where students are expected to wear school colors....

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