Greenwood’s 2020 Basketball Homecoming

By Una Wells, Reporter

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Greenwood High School has been taken over by the homecoming craze. You’ve probably heard the phrase “Vote for me for homecoming,” more than you’ve heard your own name these past few weeks but the candidates are finally in! 

Freshman Class

  • Abbey Caroll
  • Katie Isaac
  • Hannah Humble
  • Andrew Hatcher
  • Sunni Pal
  • Malachi Humble

Sophomore Class

  • Brady Moore
  • Emma Loiars
  • Haley Stow
  • Maria Crowe
  • Tia Tinsley
  • Jax Buchanon
  • Maddox Alexander
  • Preston Moore
  • Roman Rios
  • Tyler Porter

Junior Class

  • Autumn Kirby
  • Katarina Popovic
  • Kylie Breece
  • Liz Herman
  • Maddie Osborne
  • Bryce Russell
  • Cade Thornton
  • Hunter Adams
  • John Morrison
  • Noah Stansbury

Senior Class

  • Ally Adams
  • Anna Haddock
  • Autumn Wiles
  • Bailey Lambert
  • Christie Lin
  • Selena Heldic
  • Eli Lovell
  • Felix Kip
  • JJ Gibson
  • Nathan Ray
  • Patrick Handley
  • Patrick Haycraft


The Basketball Homecoming Game will be on January 31, 2020 don’t miss it! Further updates to come on this story to come.