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Can the United States Contain the Coronavirus?

By Trevor Shimizu, Reporter

March 11, 2020

The situation with COVID-19 has grown immensely. It's on a pandemic scale, weighing in at the highest phase. The countries that the virus has affected tremendously are South Korea, Italy, and Iran. As you would assume it has alrea...

Coronavirus Cases Identified in Kentucky

By Samuel Larson, Reporter

March 11, 2020

Sunday night, March 8, Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear announced that four cases of the coronavirus have been confirmed in Kentucky.  The new cases have come from Harrison, Fayette, and Jefferson counties. The infected individu...

A quick history of St. Patrick’s Day

March 6, 2020

The day of the leprechaun is upon us. St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated March 17 with green, shamrock, and cabbage. But how did the holiday start, and who is it celebrating?   St. Patrick, or Maewyn Succat, is the p...

Tennessee Tornadoes Wreak Havoc in Nashville

By Samuel Larson, Reporter

March 5, 2020

On Monday night, March 2, a number of tornadoes hit Tennessee killing over 25 people and leaving over 30 missing. The tornadoes were caused by the collision of two very strong winds coming from the upper atmosphere. These winds...

Trump’s Pardoning Spree

By Ellie Ramsing, Reporter

March 3, 2020

The background you need to understand Trump's recent pardons and the reasoning behind them.

Dear American Education, What’s Your Problem?

By Emma Bessinger, Reporter

February 25, 2020

Education in America is broken in many aspects and is becoming a main topic in many discussions. Obtaining the correct information on the challenges is important for everyone contributing to the system. (i.e. taxpayers, parent...

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