‘A Christmas to Remember’:World Leaders Warn that the CoronaVirus will Put out a lot of Holiday Celebrations


By Emma Dowell, Reporter

It has been made very evident that this year’s Christmas season will be one for the books. Given the CoronaVirus pandemic that hit our world in the beginning of 2020, many Americans are having to change their norms of how they run their lives on a day to day basis. Now as we begin to roll up on traditions like Christmas, we are all wondering how exactly will we celebrate but also stay safe? World Leaders are warning as the holiday season approaches that Christmas, like everything else that has gone on, coud look, “very different” as usual. 


Not only are we seeing the concern in the United States but all over the world. According to, The Washington Post states, “Both French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel emphasized concerns about the holiday, often a time of travel and large, multigenerational indoor gatherings, as they announced new coronavirus shutdowns this week.” As we look closer into this Christmas season we could be at a much greater risk given the traveling and gift giving. Many countries are even wondering if they should allow the opportunity for families to celebrate Christmas. As a result, Christmas will play an important role in a lot of world leaders’ discussions. 


Concern about the impact of the pandemic during Christmas lines has crossed political lines. According to ,The Washington Post states, “Many businesses rely on the holiday for a spike in sales. But some financial experts are warning there may be no “Santa rally” for stocks this year. In a market note released Friday, Fidelity International’s Graham Smith said it was unclear if holiday events could “proceed as normal or, in some cases, even take place at all.” Whether we acknowledge it or not, the Corona Virus has taken a huge hit to businesses. Many citizens are worried to get out in the public, therefore causing stores to lose profit and even cause some to go out of business. Christmas is a time where businesses are at their highest point. However, if many citizens are still anxious about going out or ordering online we could see more stores go out of business. Overall, this causes a lot of anxiety for everybody. 


On the other hand, Christmas is a time where families come together, where children wait anxiously for Santa to come, and enjoy the Christmas festivities. This comes as the most disappointing point in the Corona Christmas as we are not able to enjoy these times as we did in years previous. Many families shopping are wondering how they are going to handle providing gifts. According to, “CNBC” states, “Three in 10 consumers say they expect to start their holiday shopping earlier than usual this year, while 1 in 10 say they expect to procrastinate, according to a study by Coresight Research, which surveyed 1,116 U.S. internet users over 18 years old last month. Retailers will do all they can to coax those procrastinators. The industry’s leading trade group, the National Retail Federation, recently debuted an ad campaign, “Shop safe, shop early,” to discuss the health benefits of shopping when stores are less crowded.” Given the information, stores are trying to do their best by keeping the Christmas traditions alive the best they can. Whether that’s already putting up Christmas decorations to only allowing so many people in their store at a time, businesses are encouraging people to get out now rather than all at once. 


Overall, this Christmas season will undoubtedly be like no other Christmas season we have ever had. However, we can not worry about what we can not control. Therefore, we will all come up with different ways and situations we can all stay safe while having fun this Christmas. Trust me, this CoronaVirus is not stopping Santa from coming down your chimney this year!!