Gov. Beshear Announces New COVID Restrictions

Governor Andy Beshear has recently announced new restrictions for the state of Kentucky on Wednesday, November 18, during his daily COVID update livestream, limiting social gatherings and more.

This comes in wake of the worst week Kentucky has had for the virus, with Beshear saying that the top 5 days for highest cases have all been this week.

According to Beshear, this is not another lockdown, rather, “significant but surgical and targeted steps designed to slow the virus and protect our people.”

The first step is limiting social gatherings. For personal gatherings, it’s limited to eight people or less, (limited to the people living in your current household plus one other household), and for indoor venues and events, like weddings or funerals, that’s limited to 25 people.

Restaurants and bars are closing once again; however, you can still dine in outdoor seating, as long as the guidelines in the restaurant are fully enforced; if outdoor venues are packed, then the rules will be further changed. Delivery and to-go will still be allowed. Governor Beshear will also be launching a $40 million fund to help independent restaurants.

Gyms, fitness centers, and pools will stay open, but only at 1/3 capacity, with masks and social distancing required. Group classes are strictly prohibited, while individual instruction is still allowed.

Schools will cease in-person instruction, with classes being all virtual until further notice. Middle schools and high schools are scheduled to reopen on January 4th, and elementary schools are allowed to reopen on December 7th, as long as it’s not in a red zone.

Restrictions start on November 20th at 5 P.M., lasting 3-6 weeks.

Watch Governor Beshears briefing from Wednesday below.