Now Is the Time to Come Together

Now Is the Time to Come Together

I want to say this, and I know nobody cares, but I understand that everyone gets judged, but if you knew who I truly am instead of what my image or mood appears to be, then you would understand.

I would do anything for my family and friends, no matter the cost to me. I give up so much, but I don’t care about what happens to me; I want to see everyone be happy. Everyone has a story and fears talking and revealing what’s happening in their life because we all assume nobody will care.

Everyone needs someone they can talk to and get everything out and not hide. So I want to be the voice for those who can’t speak and help the forgotten people who need it. We are not alone; we are all human, we’re all different but the same, we all wake up and do the same things day in and day out.

I have been through so much, and people around me know that, and I try to make anyone around me happy, and I keep trying even if it bothers me. I’m a quiet and shy kid for a reason. I don’t particularly enjoy talking to people.

I want to help people channel their experiences, to help them for later on, to push them to be bigger and better. We, as individuals, may want to do different things, but we all want to thrive and be successful. We all look up and see the same moon, we all get blinded by the same sun, we are all people, we all need each other to thrive. 

If you look up at the stars, there are so many, each star represents a person, some thrive and become so successful, and they shine bright, and some are so distant and hidden away that we don’t see their light. But why don’t we change that, why can’t we all get along, we all talk about what bothers us and understand each other and work together as the world needs.

I tend to be the quietest kid out here, and I wouldn’t say I enjoy talking in front of people; however, I want to push myself and others to do more. It only takes one person to change the world for the better. It also takes time, and the courage, to take a chance and fight for others. This world provides us with so much, and there are wonders we haven’t even seen. Remember, we have only one life; we are not alone, and everyone has a story. The stories are different, but the pain and suffering are the same. We can only achieve true happiness when we come together to become the best we can be.

We all breathe the same air, we all look at the sky, we all go through similar trials, and we all need to stick together. This world needs the push to make everything better and thrive. I want to succeed and push people to do things they say will change the world and everyone around them and use it as an advantage to better their life and others’ one person at a time, so let’s all come together and make everything change into good and not harmful. It will be hard for us, but we can all do it.

World peace is a top priority to keep this world going, so the least we can do is work together no matter who makes you mad upset or anything we all can get through it together. We all have the parts we have to go through. We all need to focus on the future because that’s where we’re all heading.

In a car, we are looking forward. The windshield is the future because it’s so big you can look in any direction, but you will always look straight, which is the future. The mirror is you looking back, and it’s so small because it’s not relevant anymore. It’s crucial to all focus on the future with everyone around you, to help give you that push if you have never had it, and you need it. I want to inspire everyone to be who they can be. How successful and amazing we can be, even if we don’t think it, we can do it without also trying, we can do it all together. We can all do it if we push each other; we can all succeed in life; we can all be the best we can ever be.

 We all need everyone to know, so everyone who reads or hears about this help by posting what you want to say and how you feel and help motivate people. I want to push people, motivate people, and push them to the best they can be because everyone needs someone to encourage them and motivate them.

We have that someone we look up to, that we want to become, that we want to be in their footsteps. You know what! You can achieve it; we can make it, we can change this world into a better place physically and emotionally. So let’s change this, let’s do this because we all can. We can work together, and this world will become better step by step and day by day. So help and put your opinion and we can make this happen.

Gerald Hughey.