Why I Go To The Gym

Personally would you go to the gym on your free time or if you were being forced?

I would rather go to the gym on my free time before work every single day or in the morning before school. People  don’t go to the gym just to get jacked but they are/can be going to the gym for so much more.

Reasons Why We Go To The Gym:

  • Mental Health
  • Frustration
  • Muscle
  • Relax
  • Feel Free
  • Find New Friends (People just like you)






People that go to the gym will experience all of these reason because it true, I personally go to the gym every single day after school, before work. By going to the gym I always feel so good and sore, but it gives me that free vibe. that i can do anything and not get judged and just focus on myself for a bit. Even when I go with friends it brings a better connection with that friend or that girl and understand more about each other and just have a good time. Everything is not about just getting jacked but you also have to pay attention to all the little things in life and that’s friends, family, and pets. By going to the gym with them brings a better connection, and by going by yourself can improve your thinking and just bring everything so open because its a whole new world behind those doors. You can and will always find he nicest people at the gym and who knows maybe after they will become your best friend and you will see and work out with them some other days of the week.

Team Not Just Me:

We are the people that go to the gym. We all go together on our own time. So the gym is like a team because everyone is working to make them self become better and bring that into the world. You will go to the gym by yourself but you will never be alone, even if you don’t talk to anyone or anything but everyone there is there to do the same thing as you. Such as get big, feel good, and just be relaxed in life because there always sometimes in your life where you are always stressed and don’t know what to do or how to handle it. Gym will show some creative ways to help you out in the world, because you make workouts specific and can express your brain to more creative ways on what best and worst.


Such as going to the gym in the morning will boost us for the rest of the day ahead, because we will feel good and just be in a good mood because we got all our frustration or bad vibes out in the gym. We might be tired going in there but will be coming out sore, sweaty, and feeling relaxed. Everything that is going on in your head goes away because you feel focused and thriving to do something and doing better for yourself.

The gym also will help you get a better nights sleep because all your bones will have some time to relax due to all the pressure and weights you put on them and they need time to adapt to everything that just went on with them.

Gym Opens Our Eyes: 

The gym also provides so much more and that’s the healthy part. When i mean it opens our eyes, it opens our eyes because it shows how to eat healthy and get on a better track in life. Eating healthy. Health is the reason why we are alive because if you have bad health then you wont be living long, but on the other hand if you have good health then it will

provide you to live much longer. That’s why people that go to rehab, will also hit the gym to rebuild them back up in life and provide that energy to wanna thrive into becoming better. Health plays a big part and the gym can provide a big chunk of that health and improve you personally, mentally, physically.