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Adulthood Is Not As It Seems

By Alaina Scpioni, Reporter

May 18, 2017

Filed under Opinion

When do you become an adult? Many parents agree with the statement, being an adult means having a lot of responsibility, however when you are young and naive it doesn't feel that way. Everyone has said or will say "I'm old enoug...

“Humanz” Review

By Conner Hickman

May 16, 2017

Filed under Music, Opinion

“Humanz” is the fifth studio album by band Gorillaz. Gorrilaz are an English virtual band, with four animated members, “2-D” (lead vocals, voiced by Damon Albarn when singing and Kevin Bishop when speaking) “Murdoc Niccal...

Legal Fight May Make Kentucky the Only State Without Abortion Clinic

By Emma Jones, Reporter

May 8, 2017

Filed under News, Opinion

A legal fight may soon make Kentucky the only state without a clinic that performs abortions. While abortion is completely legal, it may not be available in Kentucky. E.M.W. Women’s surgical center may soon close its doors. Gove...

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