4 Reasons Why Getting A Pet Rat May Be Beneficial

By Makayla Smith

   Can rats actually be ideal pets? Yes, they can if you want a clean, cheap, trainable, and independent pet. Rats don’t typically live over two years, but if you want a cheap pet that’s easy to take care of, a rat may be your best option.

   Rats are low-cost pets and they are inexpensive. According to wereallaboutpets.com“Pet stores often sell rats in different size groups with small rats priced around $5 and large rats priced up to $15.” Veterinary rat visits usually cost $35-$40 and at most will be about $150. This isn’t majorly expensive compared to a dog which can cost $30-$500 annually just for grooming. Additionally, rat food is merely around $10 a month compared to guinea pig food that’s generally $40 a month. 

   Not just that rats are inexpensive, but they’re pretty clean as well. Domesticated rats like to keep themselves clean and well-groomed. fantasticpestcontrol.co.uk says, “In fact, rats maintain a higher level of personal hygiene than the average household cat.” Just like every other pet, rats poop. They poop 35-50 little chips per day. This can easily be monitored because rats can be trained to use a litter box in only two to three weeks. That’s way more painless to deal with than a dog. 

   Training a rat isn’t hard; they can be taught to perform cute simple tricks such as “shake”, standing on their hind legs, responding to their name, running through a maze, or just jumping through a hoop. Yes, these tricks will take time to master for the clever rats, but if you have patience, the animal will enjoy your company and appreciate learning because of how interactive the animal is. 

   Rats are very loving animals and appreciate the attention. Though they aren’t quite dependent animals, they still love and miss you when you’re not around. According to animals.mom.com, “One 2006 study, ‘Episodic-Like Memory in the Rat’, conducted at the University of Georgia did find that rats have the cognitive machinery to form memories of events.” Meaning that rats also have the ability to store memories of their owners just like other prominent house pets. Clean, manageable, loving, and intelligent pets are ideal. Rats aren’t that big of a hassle. They have a two-year lifespan, so the responsibility of caring for them won’t last long. The care needed for keeping a rat can keep things such as your time and wallet much the same since they’re so cheap.