Life: Reviewed

People have deeper relations and intentions within each and every single interaction, possibly even being unknown most of the time; why do we do the things we do? John Green is a popular American author that has written numerous novels relating to any ideas he has on his mind from stories to podcast-type novels. The Anthroprocene Reviewed: Essays on a Human-Centered Planet is one of his recent books that go through various topics. These “essays” John writes about all have a deeper meaning into them. 

John Green writes a deeply moving and mind-expanding collection of personal essays in the first ever work of nonfiction. He connects young adults to elders through the use of stories he’s experienced in his life and rates them on a 5 star scale on how good they are. In one of John Green’s essays named, “Diet Dr. Pepper,” he talks about the history of Dr. Pepper to start off and follows up with his early experiences with addiction and what it means to be heavily reliant and influenced by a feeling.

 John’s early life experiences were overwhelmed with cigarettes. Green didn’t have anything to look forward to in the future because of cigarettes in his early life. He explained his reliance on cigarettes and how he had an addiction to them. He then explains how he withdrew from cigarettes because of how much harm they can do to you and how it recently got replaced with Diet Dr. Pepper. John furtherly explains how he repeatedly used cigarettes to avoid the awful things in life and how the same carried over in his later life. Just with Diet Dr. Pepper instead of cigarettes. He knew of the artificial flavors and chemicals that were inside of Diet Dr. Pepper but he still chose to drink it. 

John thinks that selfish desires have much higher priorities than well-being and realism. People tend to not care for the future and to not look ahead in life, even if it is met with demise and misfortune. I think personally John is looking at how people of the world continue their habits as a way to cope with the real world. No matter how much these habits are proven to be broken and misused, people will continue their way of life because they want to, and no one will change that. Aiden Sprowls, a junior at Greenwood High School,  read the same book as I and he shared interesting thoughts. “John crafts sentences in a way where you don’t feel alone in this experience in which he calls his own.” He adds how John engages the reader of the essay most of the time. He feels like this is an important piece of John’s structure because of his topic of choice. When readers don’t engage in the reading of the   book, all concentration and interest is lost. When Green introduces this the book gains a sense of integrity and engrossment. John continues this format throughout the book yet every essay feels fresh and overwhelming with thought. He deeply investigates every topic to show a deeper understanding of how people, as an individual and as a group, interpret it.