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Your Ideal Cardio Playlist

By Selena Heldic, Student

February 6, 2018

Filed under Arts & Entertainment, Music

During the winter months, we all know someone who has set up goals and resolutions in regard to getting their summer body. Cutting out junk food, sodas, and sweets are very important when it comes to getting in shape and changin...

Billboard’s Hot 100 Top Five

By Sophie South, Co editor-in-chief

February 2, 2018

Filed under Arts & Entertainment, Music

Music has made a huge impact on many people in several different ways. Billboard is a website that recognizes many artists who release music, and shows what songs and genres of music are popular or becoming popular. Billboa...

“Humanz” Review

By Conner Hickman

May 16, 2017

Filed under Music, Opinion

“Humanz” is the fifth studio album by band Gorillaz. Gorrilaz are an English virtual band, with four animated members, “2-D” (lead vocals, voiced by Damon Albarn when singing and Kevin Bishop when speaking) “Murdoc Niccal...

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