Greenwood’s very own, “Bold Brass”

By Andrew Grillot, Journalist

As a musician myself, I know great talent when I hear it, and Greenwood’s very own “Bold Brass” is filled to the brim with mountains of it. The casual garage band was founded on August 21, 2021 by Greenwood marching band students – Isaiah Serrano, James Baxter and Denny Oum.

As time went on more and more students from the school’s marching band – Layth Hummad, Isaak Truelove, Hunter Baker and Ethan Thomson took an interest in the weekend pastime and joined in to play together. It was around this time that Isaiah and James started to experiment with writing their own music on a popular program called “Flat.” Isaiah mentioned, “there was definitely a learning curve, it took a few months to start producing good sounding music.” Nevertheless their instrumental funky style of music sounds better and better as more songs are written.

Isaiah, James, and Denny mentioned, “It was the school’s marching band that ultimately brought us together, we wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for the multiple different band programs the school offers.” I have sat in on a few practice sessions and have found my head bopping and my feet tapping on multiple occasions, you can feel the energy from each member and their heavy passion for their instrument. From Isaak’s funky drum lines to Hunter’s jazzy saxophone solos, you can really tell how deeply each member loves the art of music.

The band is not yet sure if they wish to start playing live performances, but you may be able to catch them at Greenwood’s upcoming “Battle of the Bands” in may, stay posted for event date and time. You may also be able to catch them busking in Downtown Bowling Green in the near future. For those of you who are not familiar with what “busking” is, it is when artists play live on the sidewalk in largely populated cities, also known as street performers or street musicians. But for now you are able to listen to their released music online at their YouTube channel and Instagram. (links provided below) 


Instagram: @bold_brass