Getting to Know Mr. Hatcher

By Michaela Anderson, Editor-in-Chief

As the semester comes to a close, we’ve all gotten to know Mr. Hatcher a little better than before. However, there are still many things we do not know.

Mr. Hatcher graduated from Western Kentucky University with a Bachelors degree in History and Social Studies. He graduated again six years later with a Masters degree in Educational Administration. He got a DPP (Director of People Personnel) certification in Instructor of Supervision then went back and got a rank one in 2010. His DPP certifications deal with attendence, students, and also if students ever ended up in the court systems and if there were any legal proceedings following that.

His first teaching job had been at Franklin Simpson High School and there, he taught U.S. History, World Civilization, Geography, Psychology, and Economics. He had also been their Dean of Students for half a year. After that, he became the principal at the alternative school in Simpson county for a few years. For the next five years, he was at Warren Central and then for two years he was at GO International as the principal. While at GO, he was also the associate principal for Warren Central. Greenwood makes the fifth school he has ever taught at.

I have been teaching for seventeen short years.”

— Mr. Hatcher

He first heard of Greenwood High School when he moved to Bowling Green to attend Western Kentucky University. At the time of his big move, he knew a man named Mark Davis who was his agriculture teacher in high school. He had also moved to Bowling Green and went to Greenwood as an assistant principal. When he began teaching, he would attend Greenwood games and he fell in love with the Greenwood culture, the traditions they had and the school spirit.

When he worked at Warren Central, he had told two people that if he ever had the opportunity to apply for the Greenwood job, he would. “I am just so lucky and blessed all together to have the opportunity that I did even to apply for the job…”

In his time here, very few changes have been made. Hatcher says that this is due to the fact that Greenwood didn’t need very many changes anyways. To him, Greenwood does a lot of good things and so therefore there is no reason to change anything. Of course, he has made small changes such as dress code and the phone policy.

His vision for Greenwood is for it to be the top performing school in the state. He wants to make sure that we have the culture that will lead students to have the best and most opportunities for success in any healthy venue they choose. Mr. Hatcher truly loves Greenwood and feels like this is where he is supposed to be.