Flocking Flamingos Fundrasier


By Rosalynda Fabian

The Flocking Flamingo fundraiser is an event that the Greenwood High School musical team is doing to raise money for their upcoming musical, “Beauty and the Beast.” The money made from this fundraiser will be used to buy props and costumes.

Students believe that this fundraiser will be beneficial to the Musical, but they also believe that the fundraiser will cause problems for the school itself such as parents being angry and confused. Raygen Warner believes that yes, the fundraiser will be successful, but it is slightly expensive. “The fundraiser will tempt lots of people, although it might not make as much money as expected,” said Robin Gumm. Many may complain about the flamingos, but the majority would probably laugh or not think twice about the sudden decoration of their lawn.

While some parents may have issues with this, many students believe that this fundraiser will be beneficial to the profit raised for the musical.  Chapter Tims, a freshman at Greenwood High School, believes that the fundraiser is a “cool idea.” Students would find joy in seeing their peers/friends shocked whenever they see a whole flock of flamingos on their lawn. Robin Gumm stated that they have lots of “frienemies” which would potentially send a flock to their yard. They also stated that if they were to send a flock, they would send it to their best friend Tobi Harris because “It would be funny.” Chapter Tims and Raygen Warner both don’t believe that they would get flocked. Raygen stated that she doesn’t talk much, Chapter, unfortunately, didn’t have a reason. Both of them would want to flock to their best friends, for the same reasons Robin stated earlier. 

Kae Sweat, a member of the musicals crew, shared her experience when she went out to flock to someone’s yard. She said that at first they had turned into the wrong neighborhood and that had been really funny. After they had finally arrived at the house they began putting the flamingos in the resident’s yard, but apparently, someone was looking out the window and they had to run back to their car, forgetting to take a photo. A little while later they had gotten a call from the person who they flocked pointing out the flamingos that were in their yard, and according to Kae, they said something along the lines of “Wow I wonder why there are flamingos in your yard” then hung up on the person because the other people in the car (who knew the person) thought it would be funny. 

Many believe that the fundraiser will be a success and that the musical will be able to earn more money to fund Beauty and the Beast. Problems may occur during the process, but the result of being able to play a tiny prank on your peers overshadows the cons. You’re safe from flocking if you don’t currently have enemies, however, don’t be fooled because it may be your closest friends that send an army of flamingos to your lawn this weekend.