Greenwood High School’s Remodel

By Maycie Sewell


Some exciting things are happening to the Greenwood High School campus. Plans are underway to update some areas of the campus. For example, the football and soccer fields will be changing to turf fields. Mr. Dillingham says, “They can look nice and require minimal maintenance compared to a regular field. They are always available. So, if you have a big rain, it doesn’t take long and it’s ready to go.”  While these updates are going to benefit GHS and the students in the future, the construction could cause distractions for the current students. Jeremiah Davis, a freshman at GHS (Greenwood High School), is concerned about the noise from the construction and said, “I get distracted easily.” The faculty and staff are going to work together to minimize distractions.  

It is expected that the project will be done in 2026 but during that time the students and teachers will have to be flexible and patient during the remodel. Unfortunately due to the length of the construction, the current students won’t be able to take advantage of all the new updates. However, the future gators will be able to benefit from the remodel and thrive in the new swamp. 

 When everything is done Mr. Dillingham says, “ It’s going to look really nice and something we can be proud of, this community can be proud of. Take a lot of pride in, and make it beneficial for so many students, not just athletes.”  GHS will also be getting all new floors in the classrooms! In the front lobby of the school, there are some pictures of what the school will look like when it is done. If you stop and take a look at the pictures then you can get a good picture of what it will look like.

         This remodel is going to be a great thing for the Gators. It is just going to be a long process that we will have to be patient with.