What Is Fair/Unfair About School Grading Policies?

What Is Fair/Unfair About School Grading Policies?

What Do You Think About The Grading Policies? 

I believe that when someone does not do their work then you should take points but you also should give them a chance on turning in the paper later and still give them full points for doing it. How would you feel if you were playing sports and had homework to do and you didn’t have anytime to do it then you would kinda upset because you don´t got time like everyone else does. Teachers should be aware of whats happening and help that student by letting the students take their time on their work and not rushing them because learning takes time and you need it.


Teachers Should Know: 

Teacher should be aware about the student and should know what going on in that student´s life and make sure that they are good and can be capable of doing homework, coming to school, and also making sure that the student is doing good at home because we never know whats happening at home with his family and we cant just guess and say everything is good.

What Is Fair: 

I think its fair to take points off homework if they haven’t turned the assignment in after a couple of days. I would let my students get a few days to turn in the homework because I don’t know what other classes that they might be having homework in and I don´t want to give them more and make them stress more than they already are.

Every teacher has to be fair by making the students that turn in their homework when its due and get full credit, those students may thin that its not fair that they have to turn it in and get full credit but also does the kids that turn them in late and still get full credit.

Sports Get In The Way:

Sports get in the way of students doing their homework because they have practice, game, get together, and the students are probably also tired from having to do all that and not having a break.

A lot of students that go to school are often on a sport team or multiple sport teams because they love playing sports and its a really good way to get recognized for collage, friends, and just really good to have that on your record and it will help you in the long run. It’s worth it but you have to do your homework and get good grades by turning in all your work and making sure that you know what your doing and get it done.