Students Walk Out in Protest


Greenwood students stand outside in protest. (Photo credit to Mr. Davis)

By Michaela Anderson, Co Editor-in-Chief

Students all over the country walked out of schools at 10 a.m. local time to protest against gun violence. It was said that they would protest outside of their schools for 17 minutes–to represent the 17 victims that died in the Parkland shooting.

Not only did the walkout take place in the United States; it happened in places all over the world. Schools in Tanzania, Israel, Iceland, and Great Britain all participated in this event hours before the US did.

Students in a Tanzanian International School took this walkout as an opportunity to talk about gun violence and US politics. According to CNN, some of their conversations revolved around how students felt lucky that guns weren’t apart of their everyday lives. The walkout even coincided with the International School of Iceland’s lessons on world events.

Congress clearly isn’t listening to us so…”

— Lauren Cook

Even at Greenwood, an estimated amount of 100 students participated in the national walk out. With great thanks to Mr. Dunn, these students were allowed to leave class at the designated time and head out to the front parking lot without consequence. Students’ reasoning for protesting were all similar in the aspect that they no longer felt safe at school.

“Don’t wanna get shot…feel like I shouldn’t have to worry about coming to school and dying every day,” said 10th grader Connor Nichols.

Ashley Hamlet, sophomore, said that she participated in the walkout for the 17 people who died in the Florida shooting. She also mentioned that she didn’t feel safe anymore.

Hamlet’s classmate, Bailey Lambert, agreed, “I don’t feel safe at Greenwood high school, or any high school.”

Noah Hernandez, senior, said “Not one more [school shooting]!”