Choosing Your Real Friends

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Sophie South

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Many kids in elementary school don’t really think of popularity or badly about someone else, they just hang around and talk to everyone. Elementary school is where you start off making enjoyable friends that you can spend time with and have fun. For example, students are at bliss playing around on the playground enjoying their time with everyone. No one cares about how you dress or how you wear your hair; everyone in the school is care-free about how you act.

Middle school is the real game changer because you meet new people, and you’re going to a whole different place for school. This is also a period where everyone starts to change dramatically and where you find out who you really are. This is where you meet friends that you will most likely hang out with from middle school to high school. This is also a period where you hang out around town with your friends going to the skate center, the movie theaters, the mall, etc. Usually middle school is the time when you care about how you dress, how you act around certain people, how many friends you have, and how popular you are. You also start to become self conscious and believe what other people say about you, good or bad. If they say something hateful, you will believe it. If someone says something nice about you, you don’t believe what they said.

In high school, everything around you starts to settle. You start to become the person that you were really made to be. You figure out activities around the school that you fancy, and you become serious about how you do in school. Everything you do in high school counts for you, so you have to try your hardest and perform it the best you can. Your grades in high schools count towards going to your dream college. You start studying more and more, and stress starts building higher and higher. You need friends that will take all the stress off, and assure you that you’re doing amazing at what you’re doing. You need people who will allow you to have a amazing time, and people who you you can just relax with. Find people or just one person who you can tell anything to: your problems, your weird jokes, just simply anything.

    One of the biggest aspects from grade to grade is your supporters or your friends. Middle school and high school is where you find friends who will boost your confidence and self esteem. Find people who will love you for who you are and what you want to do. Find friends that will take the time to talk to you, and help you with issues you’re dealing with in life and at school. They will help you find the person who you really want to be right now and when you’re older. Friends aren’t suppose to bring you down or tell you what to be, they also aren’t suppose to force you to do something. Friends are suppose to bring you to lighter spirits or make you happier than you were yesterday. Find friends who will let you just simply be you.

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