Construction Snarls Parking Lot Traffic

With the construction of the new auxiliary gym, Greenwood has face a number of parking issues this year. Inexperienced drivers are taking too much space, parking sideways into other lanes, hitting other cars and light poles, and rushing to get in and out of school.

Students are struggling to park because they have no navigate parents dropping off kids in the morning or peers walking in from the parking lot. When one student parks improperly, it creates a domino effect, making it difficult for others to park.

The new Auxiliary Gym being constructed behind Greenwood is the main cause of the disruption. This is where the drop off and pick up used to be, along with more parking spots. The new traffic flow creates more traffic and more time for students to leave school after the school day is over.






The student drop-off and pick-up is in the front of the building, so it also takes more time for students to get to school. We still get penalized for it and it shouldn’t really even be our fault. There’s always so much traffic  backed-up everywhere and it makes it more and more difficult and time consuming.

Students and parents must follow this new indicated flow of traffic and way of getting to school 5 days week, at 7:00 a.m. but probably sooner. With construction slated to continue the rest of the school year, there will not be any relief until next year.