Global Carbon Makes New Record High in 2018

Global Carbon Makes New Record High in 2018

On Wednesday scientists have noticed that the carbon dioxide has reached the highest level on record. It keeps getting worse and worse because between 2014-2016 the carbon emissions did not rise at all but if you look back at 2017-2018 emissions have rising by 4.3 percent all together. 1.6 percent in 2017 and 2.7 percent in 2018 and its not gonna stop The carbon dioxide is going to get worse and worse while time goes by.

37,000,000,000 tons of CO2 have been released into the air. A lot of zeros and its 37 billion tons.  10 billion in 1959,, 20 billion in 1980, 3 t0ns billion in 2000, and now 37 billion in 2018 and it will never end. India, Europe, U.S, China, and other have been reported to contribute to most of the billion tons of carbon. India is the least and Other is the most.

Burning fossil fuels and industrial emissions is causing all of the tons of carbon dioxide. The nations have reported to be meeting together and promises to cutting gas emissions that fuel climate change. This week is the opening of the 24th annual U.N climate conference in their goals to sharply reduce carbon emission in the coming years.

United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres said ” It is hard to overstate the urgency of our situation , even as we witness devastating climate impacts causing havoc across the world, we are still not doing enough, or moving fast enough, to prevent irreversible and catastrophic climate disruptions.” He has a good point, we have known about this for so long and haven’t done anything about it and when we want to try and do something about it, it might be too late and we probably wont be able to do anything about it.







Scientists have warned that the effects of climate change are no longer distant and hypothetical, and that the impacts of global warming will only get worse and worse and tear the world apart. A top U.N Scientific Panel have found that nations have barley done anything to try and cut their emissions. In 2030 is excepted  to be horrible if we don’t do anything about this huge issue.

“The day after Thanksgiving, the Trump administration released a nearly 1,700 page report.” This report has been talking about climate changing and how it is already among us and is increasing damage to the United States and everyone else. The Trump Administration is doing everything to make other countries to watch out what they are doing for climate change and make sure that they don’t be apart to it anymore and watch it and try to help and make Earth a better and stronger place.






Many countries are loosing supervision on air pollution and carbon emissions since they are all under pressure about it. Carbon emissions need to plunge almost half by the year of 2030 because if we don’t then the world will be miserable.

On Wednesday some Nations continue to grow their emissions and some are shrinking them, overall there are still adding and subtracting problems. The problem of cutting emissions is that it can lead to difficult choices in the real world. Everyone will need to find a new way of energy, such as solar panels, water bridges, wind power, moonlight, and everything. We need to find new ways really fast before its too late and we cant do anything about it and we will all regret it and be sorry for everything that they have done wrong.

In India is providing electricity energy to hundreds of millions of people who don’t have it yet, but China isn’t doing any of that. China is racking up on coal and burning it all instead of using different ways to have and great energy and electricity. Renewable sources are growing but so are global emissions are rising. India and China are realizing about solar and wind and might start a change. ‘In the United States, emissions in 2018 are projected to have risen 2.5 percent, driven in part by a very warm summer that led to high air conditioning use and a very cold winter in the Northeast, but also by a continued use of oil driven by low gas prices and bigger cars.” China account for 60% of coal and hope to bring it down to 10% in 2050, if we have a 2050 before global warming hits us really hard and fast. We have reached the limit and we have consequences that we have to face because of it.