False Missile Alarm Gets State Sued

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Hawaii man suffered a heart attack due to false ballistic missile alarm earlier this year. Hawaii has been having a lot of false missile alarms and that’ s a good and bad thing because at least they are watching and still using them in case anything happens in the future but they need to know when to you use it and not do. If you have a good sense that something might be happening then use them but only if you are sure.

There was the first alarm that was false and they sent another alarm to alarm that the first one wasn’t real and that nobody needs to worry. The alarm was sent to cellphones on Jan. 13, claiming a missile was headed toward Hawaii, causing mass panic and it too the state 38 minutes to realize the mistake.






An couple believed it so much that they were headed to the Sandy Beach area in Oahu, that they decided that if they were going to die, it should be together on the beach. They believed this message to be true and were extremely frightened and thought they were going to die.