Ford Baking Engines

Ford Baking Engines

When you buy a new car it comes with that new car smell. The new smell could remind you that you made it, that you can be successful on your own if you put your mind to it.

China has reported that they hate the new car smell. China states ” Unpleasant interior smell/odor remains the top industry problem in the market.” About 10% of Chinese buyers complained about this issue. China is the largest car market in the world, so car makers take notice about it.

What China Is Doing About It. 

They have 18 smell testers or also called Golden Noses, to make sure that the new cars don’t smell bad. China reports “Chinese car buyers are particularly sensitive to the smell of their cars.” They place the unpleasant smell above the performance of the engine and the performance of the car.

The new car smell is caused by volatile organic compounds given off by leather, plastic, and vinyl. Also chemicals used to attach the car parts may also contribute to the odor of the car. When the car sits in the heat it makes the new car smell reappear because of the leather/interior.


Ford Thinks About China.

Ford says ” When it comes to certain cars, luxury cars especially, buyers in China like the idea of layers. If you buy a luxury car and pull back the carpeting and it’s just metal, that’s low quality.” So China basically means that American cars are horrible and that China can do a lot better at producing cars and making sure they work and everything.

China wants everything to match inside and out of the car.  Want it to be perfect and the way that they want it to be, because their way is the best way, they say.