Super “Cold Earth” DIscovered


    Just recently a new planet has been discovered and is known as the “Cold Earth.” It is located near Barnard’s Star which is six light years away from Earth.

    Barnard’s Star:

    Is a low mass red dwarf about six light years away form Earth. Barnard is the fourth nearest known star that is next to the Sun. We have found thousands of planets outside our Solar System, and they are known as exoplanets because they are usually impossible to see directly with our telescopes unless they are really close to Barnard’s Star then we can see them and that’s six light years away. We cant really see anything farther than that. Can’t see anything that is more than six light years away.





    Cold Planet: 

    Though we haven’t heard anything about how it looks, and size but this can make it an excellent target for future telescopes to study for life else where.