October Represents Awareness for Cybersecurity

By David Marquez, Reporter

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Every month has been labeled or represented by a certain awareness month. With the evolution and constant additions to technology we create a new and breaking way of sharing and creating information. With the constant upgrades technology receives it becomes more prone to evil activity.

This “evil activity” has been growing along with all the new advances. People are prone to losing everything due to this activity. Therefore, as a caution and a awareness hightener, October is being used to represent another awareness, that being cyber security.

This year the NCSAM (National Cybersecurity Awareness Month) is celebrating its 15th year as a initiative to raise awareness over cybersecurity. Each year the initiative attempts to raise awareness by giving an overall theme to what they want to prevent. This years theme being that cybersecurity is a shared responsibility and that we must all come together to improve our Nation’s cybersecurity.

To improve our cybersecurity we must band together to overcome the rising problem of false and terrible people attempting to take everything away from us.

Technology is ever growing and is leaking its way into every career and job imaginable. With new technology comes new risks.

These risks have officially taken down people, including high authority people, like government and high business officials.

As we see more and more technological jobs and more technology in the workplace the risk of attacks ever grows. An example of attacks happening to high-end well known companies is a recent attack on Facebook.

The company had millions of its users data looked through and exposed by hackers. Attacks are more prevalent than most think. Stopping the attacks by making better choices and creating better environments, will not only help you but others as well.

Keeping safe however may not be a good plan for the long run. While keeping safe yourself safe from attacks is a good idea, others continue to suffer. Hiding alone protecting yourself won’t solve anything.

Banding together with others will solve the oncoming threat. By banding together we can help strengthen our security, whilst also destroying the people who lead and coordinate the attacks.

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