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Music Review: Bazzi’s COSMIC Album

By Selena Heldic, Arts and Entertainment Editor

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A star in the rising, Andrew Bazzi, 20, has become a popular artist with his top-hit songs in the music industry this year. His most popular song, ‘Mine’, made the Billboard Top 100 chart, followed by over 50 million streams of the song on Spotify.

The young artist just recently released his new COSMIC album. The album contains sixteen songs, including ‘Mine’. Bazzi made a post on his Instagram, sharing with his supporters, that COSMIC was the #1 pop album in the world, and he was even given the opportunity to perform live on The Ellen Show. 

Personally, this album is one of my favorites. All of the songs match to my own music taste- a mix of pop music with chill beats. However, just like with any other music album, there are some songs I love and favor over the rest.

*Warning: Songs do contain explicit content.*

My favorites from COSMIC are:

BRB- This song is on constant replay for me. I love how smooth his voice is and the chill music going hand in hand with his voice, truly creating magic in the song. In the lyrics, he is talking about a specific girl, and how he knows her better than anyone. He mentions how no one else could love her like he does, or treat her better than him.

Cartier- Once again, the smoothness of Bazzi’s voice and the relaxing/chill music is what makes this song another one of my favorites. Here, he is singing about being protective of his girl, and sometimes getting jealous when it concerns her. He sings about how unique she is and doesn’t compare to other girls. It’s the simple things about her beauty that attract him to her, and she is special in his eyes.

Honest- I absolutely love this song. The way the music swells and grows dramatic in the chorus is what touches the listener. Bazzi is singing about how a certain situation between him and a girl could have been different if they had just been honest with each other. She ended up moving onto one of his friends, and in the lyrics, he is questioning whether the new guy makes her feel the same way he made her feel, if they do all the things the two of them used to do together and if she feels ashamed for switching up on him.

Gone- Whenever I listen to this song, it gives me rebellious vibes. Bazzi sings about how he’s left the old him behind, and how his new ways of living have changed him as a person. He is “gone”, and it’s too late to bring him back.

Mirror- The reason this song is one of my favorites is because of how real it is. The lyrics are about how he’s lost and wants to find himself. He is trying to escape the thoughts in his head, and he hates not knowing who he is or what his purpose is.

Star- The happy beats and the bounciness in Bazzi’s voice bring me good vibes when I listen to this song. The song is about appreciating a girl, and how she’s a “star”. He is also singing about how he could bring her fantasies to life, and give her the life she wants to live, with him.

3:15- My favorite part of this song, are the lyrics. In them, he is singing about missing a certain someone, and how he’s constantly thinking about them. He is stuck in the past and does not want to let go of all the memories he made with this person. No one else compares to them, and they’re the only thing he wants. Many people can connect and relate to this song, and that’s what I love about it.

Beautiful- The title of the song already gives away what it’s about. Bazzi’s focus in the song is on a girl, and how beautiful she is. The reason I love this song is because it really does make you feel beautiful when you listen to it.

Overall, I think this album is amazing, and Bazzi has grown to be one of my favorite music artists. I highly recommend for you to take a listen, I guarantee you’ll enjoy!

Click below to be directed to the album!

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Music Review: Bazzi’s COSMIC Album