Breaking News: Bowling Green’s Torrential Downpours!

By Bailey Lambert and Brittany Brown


Wednesday morning, March 1, 2017, a severe thunderstorm hit the Bowling Green area. Mostly, yours truly, Greenwood High School was affected. Students came in soaked to the bone, and after the storm passed, Mr. Dunn offered to dry the clothes of wet students.

Approximately at 7:20 a.m., 10 minutes before school officially began, students were asked to head towards a safe area, a downstairs inner hallway classroom. Many students were pulled into classrooms by panicked teachers. The storm passed quickly and students were soon allowed to go to their first periods.

It felt like someone was shooting me with rain.”

— Nathan Ray

Quinn Hixson, a sophomore, was one of the many who were very drenched this morning. He opened the car door to put on his backpack and within 2.2 seconds he was soaked. He eventually decided to run into the school and then accidentally stepped into a puddle.

Nathan Ray, a freshman, also was among the students who were soaked. He was dripping water when he entered the school. He woke up completely dry this morning, but soon that changed. He got out of his car and as soon as he put his feet on the ground, the rain started to pour. He said, “It felt like someone was shooting me with rain.” He thought that when Mr. Dunn announced that we had to go into the classrooms, “it was pretty cool.”

Chianne Bullocks, a sophomore, was one of the drenched victims as well. She woke up this morning and didn’t expect to be soaked. She got out of her car and sprinted to the school. Little did she know, she would fall completely into a puddle. Her shoes, her hair, and her whole body was soaked. Her shoes are still wet, right now. (They may never dry!)

Currently, Bowling Green, Kentucky, has recovered from the aftermath of the torrential downpours. We are all safe and dry, except for some shoes. It is sunny outside and is quite beautiful. It seems as if this morning never happened.