Greenwood Faculty Relives Glory Days

Greenwood teachers and administrators relive high-school sports memories.


Before patrolling the halls for dress-code violations, Ms. Logic defended the lane at Western Kentucky.

By Hailey Welson , Sports Editor

Greenwood’s teachers were once teenagers–they faced school stress, rebellious friends, and peer pressure. But now they’re older. How did they really deal with high school? Most of them turned to sports.

Sports are still considered to be a way to let out stress. It’s a break from the grades, tests, and assignments the four years in high school gives students. Coach Buser, one of the Health and P.E. teachers here at GHS, says that playing sports helped relieve some of the stress he was going through during his high school days. “I’d say they (the sports) improved it… a welcomed distraction from high school stressors.” Buser played three sports–basketball, baseball, and track. He says that his older siblings also played sports, and that he just really enjoyed being active.

While sports are a “welcome distraction from high school stressors,” they also take time out of daily activities and school work. Time becomes a precious aspect. Ms. Jordan, one of Greenwood’s new algebra teachers, can relate. Jordan grew up playing golf, so it was only natural for her to play in high school.

Her golf career began in eighth grade, actually, all the way up to her junior year. As everyone else with a busy schedule, time became something very important in her life. “I had to make sure to budget my time really well with practice, and make sure that whenever I got home… that I did my homework and got everything done when I needed to,” she notes, thinking about time being scarce.

Mrs. Logic comments on keeping up with her time, too: “I had to be very careful about what I got involved in as far as extra curriculum. I didn’t get to hang out a lot of the time… basketball took up so much of my time that I didn’t get to go…with my friends, ’cause I was at basketball games on Friday nights.”

Mrs. Logic, one of GHS’ assistant principals, played varsity basketball throughout seventh grade all the way to college. Logic really cherished playing her sport. And so did Mr. Foust! Mr. Foust is a social studies teacher here at Greenwood, and he tackled (pun intended) as his sport.

He started playing football in middle school. Many memories were made. One of them was pretty shocking and slightly embarrassing.

“I got knocked out in practice. I was running around and one of the guys grabbed me by my jersey and swung me down on my head… I actually returned to practice the same day,” he says. He tells about another time where he once pushed another player into their bench.

“I tackled a member of the other team into their bench–and the whole bench came after me,” he laughs.

Sports happened to be a big part of Greenwood’s teachers and administrators! Who knew? It helped them through high school. “…I said, at least try it, and I guess I was good at it (basketball),” Logic says.