Students Respond: “What is Music to You?”

By Bailey Lambert, Editor

Students were asked the question, “What is music to you?” Here are their responses:


Katie Levesque, Color Guard: “Music is a happy feeling.”

Destiny Hash, French Hornist and Color Guard: “Music is a way to express yourself and let out emotions.”

Philicia Riser: “To me, music is a way of life. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without it.”

Beth Horton, Clarinetist: “Fun, amazing, and talented.”

Mckenzie Eversoll, Clarinetist: “It is a way that I release my stress and forget the world around me.”

Thea Mahmutovic, Trumpetist: “Music to me is an escape from reality and an experience to hear amazing sounds.”

Nathan Allen, Trumpetist: “Music. Notes on a sheet. Where words fail, music picks up.”

Hattie Byrd, Bassist: “Music is expression through sound.”

Ashley Hamlet, Cellist and Former Choir: “It’s not a phase.”

Molli Appling, Choir: “Music is something that can’t be described in words, only emotion.”

Elizabeth Vensel-Mccoy, Choir:“Anything not on the radio.”

Gerardo Alfaro, Choir: “Music to me is a way to relieve stress and express yourself.”

Andrew Mayhugh, Choir:“Music is sounds that create emotions, feelings, and makes you feel better.”

Selena Heldic, Acapella and Former Choir: “Music to me is an escape and a type of self-expression. It helps you connect with yourself.”

Haley Pridemore, Choir and Acapella: “Music closely ties to love. It brings happiness and promotes unity between people. It is a link between us.”

Linda Mean, Choir and Acapella: “Music to me is a way to zone out all of the negative thoughts and escape reality.”

Ashley Patkovic, No Music Experience: “Sound.”