Greenwood Reacts to Recent Women’s March


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Protesters march in Barcelona, Spain

By Michaela Anderson, Reporter

This past week, one of the largest post inaugural protests took place. Called the ‘Women’s March’, over four million women, men, and children alike marched in places like Washington D.C. Los Angeles, Phoenix, Seattle, Chicago, and many more large cities all over the United States. The marches didn’t just take place in America, though, they happened all over the world. For example, marches took place in Barcelona, Berlin, Paris, London, and even Antarctica.

I believe that they shouldn’t stop now, they should protest and work until those things will have to be protested no longer…”

— Anonymous

Many people have voiced their opinion on the Women’s March: Celebrities, government officials, and large news organizations such as CNN and FOX news. For example, celebrities like Emma Watson and Katy Perry spoke at the march itself, speaking on women’s rights and why they approve of the march.  Though, despite the attention it has been getting on the news and in the government, we have yet to learn what Greenwood’s thoughts on the march are.

Right off the bat, it was obvious that the school had plenty of opposing opinions. From for the Women’s March to against, these people believed in what they were saying.

“I believe men and women protested because women, of course, they protested for their rights and their beliefs and stuff. But I also believe the men protested with them because some of the men also believe in what the women believe in.  They agreed with them.” – Tierra Roberts, 9th Grade

“Now, if you’re gonna protest something, just, you know what just don’t protest anything. Just suck it up and deal with it. Republicans don’t protest.” – KK Allen, 10th Grade

Let me tell you something, that was the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen in my life…”

— KK Allen

“What these people are protesting for are the same rules that made America, America. What they protest for was their rights, their freedoms, what they deserved… I definitely agree with everything.” – Anonymous, 9th Grade

“Um, it’s kind of silly to protest that right now and to like, go through all that. Why now? Why wait until Trump is president to finally voice your opinion? You don’t need to protest that. It’s blown up into a much bigger ordeal.” – Jordan Napper, 10th Grade

“I think that the women and men did the right thing on marching to stand up for women’s rights against Trump. And, I like what they did. A lot of people got into it.” – Maleesha Kitchens, 9th Grade

“It’s a bunch of women, mad, because they think they have less rights. It’s just plain silly.” – Aiden Barks, 9th Grade