Goodbye High School, Hello College

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Goodbye High School, Hello College

By Sophie South, Arts and Entertainment Editor/Reporter

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Graduation has quickly came upon the seniors, as they said farewell to their high school days. This past Saturday, these seniors said goodbye to Greenwood, and started saying hello to the life ahead of them. Whether they will be going to college or immediately adjoining a job in the workforce, students will be hopefully lighting their path to a successful and enjoyable life.

Three years ago, these students came into high school as the newcomers and the new underclassmen of the school. New people, new school, and a new atmosphere. Now they are the leaders and examples at Greenwood.

College is coming upon these seniors quickly, and some students are excited, but quite anxious to be apart of the real world.

“I was excited to graduate, but I will definitely miss high school. College is a new chapter I am ready to start.” said Greenwood senior Emma Quiros.

These student will get the opportunity to live life on their own meeting new people, new connections and adults, and finding their future. Through Greenwood, they have learned many life and school lessons throughout their four years of being apart of this school.

“Of course, academically I have learned a lot over my four years at Greenwood, but the most important lessons i’ve learned are life lessons. My favorite of which is that in the long run, people won’t remember what you looked like one day or what you wear and say, but they will always remember the way you made them feel.” said Alex Goff

Being that the senior class has been here for four years, many memories have been created over their high school journey.

“In my junior year, I received five class awards on awards day, something I was not expecting in the least. It was so important to me because I had never really been a winner before, and that showed me that I did have the potential to do big things!” said our very own Christine Dimeo.

“My favorite memory from high school was my senior trip over spring break to Florida. I got to enjoy this time with my best friends.” said senior Aaron Puga.

Greenwood also holds some qualified and very interesting teachers, which the seniors enjoyed.

“Mr. Gural was my favorite teacher because he really cares about his students and he is a phenomenal teacher. He is also really smart,” said senior Kellimae Sutherland.

“Laura Leeper was my favorite teacher because she makes sure that every student understands the concept,” said Aaron Puga.

“My favorite teacher was Mrs. Tarrence because she had fun with her class while teaching a tough subject, yet she always had control of her class.” said senior Alex Goff.

“Mr. Davis because he always tries new and ambitious projects, like the school newspaper, and encourages us to do the same.” said Christine Dimeo.

“Mr. Lowe is my favorite teacher. Ever since my freshman year, he has been really cool. He isn’t one of those teachers who aren’t approachable.” said Senior Emma Quiros.

 There are many great aspects about Greenwood that are unique from other schools. Greenwood will be forever in these graduates’ hearts as they live their lives. Congratulations to these seniors and The Daily Chomp staff hopes that they become happy, successful, and fulfill their dreams for the future!

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