Emotional Choir Concert Was A Success

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Emotional Choir Concert Was A Success

By Sophie South, Arts and Entertainment Editor/Reporter

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On May 12, the Greenwood choir put on an emotional and phenomenal concert. Ms. Osborne and the singers worked extremely hard to prepare for this event.

 The beginner’s choir, which was the first to perform, showed off all that they have learned from their semester in choir. Their songs included “Count Your Blessings,” “Bonse Aba,” and “All I Ask Of You.”

 The Crescendolls, which were next to perform, have worked all year every Wednesday after school and on club meeting days. Their songs included “Dancing Queen” and “The Call,” which was a tribute song to the seniors heading off to college.

 After the acapella group performed, a small group of talented seniors all sang the song “Ubi Caritas” for the concert. This included Preston Harrell, Joe Moore, Matt Propst, DiDi Turley, Laura King, Ciera Harrod, and Jeanette Harris.

 The next group to perform was the SSA choir, which is an all-women’s group. Their songs performed include “O Venturoso Dia,” “Danny Boy,” “Hey Jude,” and “Let Me Fly.”

 The next group to perform is the Fortissibros. Like the Crescendolls, they work hard every Wednesday afternoon and club meeting day. Their songs performed includes “My Girl” and “I Can Go The Distance.”

 The last official group to perform includes the SATB, which is the mixed advanced choir. Their songs include “An African Wish,” “An Irish Blessing,” “Stand By Me,” and “My Soul’s Been Anchored.”

  The concert finale featured a performance by all of the different choirs. They all performed the song “Always Be My Home.” After their performance of this song, everyone began hugging the seniors because that was their last choir concert to perform in at high school.

 The night was full of happy and sorrowful thoughts and tears, but in the end it was all worth the while. The beautiful performances and the dramatic emotion portrayed in each song showed how much time and effort each group put into their songs and performances.

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