‘Check Please’ Dazzles Greenwood

By Sophie South, Arts and Entertainment Editor/Reporter

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Mrs. Cassady’s Drama class performed their production of “Check Please” Thursday, May 5, in the Greenwood auditorium. The show started at 5 p.m. and admission was free.

 This special play is centered around dating. It can be very challenging, especially when you don’t know who you are going on a date with. This play consists of a series of blind dates, which couldn’t possibly get any worse. In this case, they deteriorate more and more. The real question is, will they find the right one?

The following students were a part of this awesome production:


Kate Conrad

Joe Moore

Dani Fine

Jeanette Harris

Matt Propst

Adolfo Garcia

Tori Drew

Madison Phillips

Maia Madison

Natasha Gammon

Mary Catherine/Matt Propst

Katrina Powell

Lydia Cantrell

Zack Carini

Hope Hardison

Julia Adams

Joshua Growalski

Ashton Adams

Megan Klotter

Charlee Austen

Drew Fleschner

Kaylyn Hunt

Andrea Escapita

 Thanks to all who came out for this special Greenwood Drama production!

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