GSA Acceptances Announced


By Sophie South, Arts and Entertainment Editor/Reporter

Recently released was the list of acceptances to the Governor’s School of the Arts. Greenwood junior Seth Jones was accepted as an alternate for his category, while Greenwood sophomore Gabe Nasato was accepted to attend the prestigious school during the summer.

 This program will be starting on June 19, and will continue until July 9. The two Greenwood students attending this program are very excited, but quite nervous to be a part of this program. Gabe will be attending GSA for drama, while Seth will be alternate for vocal music.  

  On his acceptance, Nasato said, “I felt very honored and privileged to be chosen to participate in GSA.”

 The application, on the other hand, was a neat experience for two. The process included asking you basic questions such as what your name and age were. It continued to ask why you want to be a part of this program and how much commitment you will put into the program. This whole process has to been done online now, having the written application out of the picture.

 “It was cool telling my story and telling my goals and accomplishments on the application,” said the Greenwood sophomore. “I chose GSA because I want to be an actor and go into musical theater. It will help me reach my dream and goal. This school will help me study and practice to my dream.”