Festival Features Cultures Far and Wide

By Madison Duncan, Writer/Editor

The International Festival took place on Friday, April 22. It is a day where International students give others a preview of their country, whether it’s through a dance, a traditional piece of clothing, a song, or a food dish. There were also poster boards filled with information about the many different countries represented at Greenwood. They also did henna painting, which is a tattoo-like painting on your hands and arms, and face painting in the band hallway.  

The Festival started off with a showcase of the traditional clothing of  Japan worn by Tomoya Takeuchi and Aoi Koga; followed by Oman worn by Atheel Al-Amri; Azerbaijan worn by Manzar;  Myanmar worn by Naw Yine, Sue Meh,  Nae Reh, Onaing, Shwe, Me, Soh Reh John, Baw Meg, Beh Reh Soe, Klew, Elizabeth Ngun, Mang Bik, Cin, and Cing Nuam; Nepal worn by Dolma and Pancha; Vietnam worn by Nhi Phang and Pham Phoung; India worn by Sarada and Bishnu; and Korea worn by Lauren Sohn.

The talent showcase was next with dances by students from Myanmar, Micronesia, the Philippines, India, El Salvador, and Nepal as well as a performance by a Greenwood band and a Japanese piano piece by Maho Kaneko.

The food that was served came from Oman, Azerbaijan, Myanmar, India, Nepal, Japan, Vietnam, Mexico, and El Salvador. The foods brought ranged from noodles to pastries to meats to desserts and other many other native delicacies. The student’s favorite foods were the ones from Oman as well as the “pacheta,” which is a Hispanic beverage.

Ms. Bond was pleased with the expanded activities and participation at this year’s festival. She said that they had more “lively performances” as well as participation from “mainstream students.”