Art Club Preps for ‘Celebrate Art’ Day


By Molly Carr and Madison Duncan

Over the past couple of weeks, the Art Club has been getting ready for the “Celebrate Art” Day on April 21. This will take place in the art hallway during school that day.

The members of the art club have been painting chairs and oars that will be displayed in the hallway and auctioned off. Currently the oars that they plan to display are in the stairway outside of the art room at the top of the steps. You can also see some of the chairs that they have finished outside of the art room.

The money brought in from the auction will be donated to the Warren County Elementary School’s arts program and will also go to Greenwood’s school art fund to help with buying supplies for the different art classes throughout the year.  

During the “Celebrate Art” day, the art club will be painting a mural in the choir room, creating an installation in the school, and showing off the skill all members of the club have.

art club steam banner
The Art Club working on a STEAM banner.

The Art Club (which is a B Club) is open for anyone to join, no-matter your skill level, as long as you love to create art and want to spread your inspiration to others. You also do not have to be in an art class to join the club, but it is recommended. It is $10 to join and $5 to purchase a T-shirt.  

The club has been up and running for many years, but Mrs. Soule has been sponsoring it since she started working here three years ago in 2013. Lindsey Green said that her favorite part of the club was that she “was able to do something I enjoy with other people who also enjoy art.”

At the meetings the club works on service project ideas, painting chairs, working on murals and banners, as well as working on different large and small projects within the school and the community. The members of the club also get time to create their own artwork to be displayed around the school during the meetings, when the club doesn’t have to work on a specific event or project.

Madison Phillips says that her favorite part of being in Art Club is that “it allows me to connect with people who enjoy my craft as much as I do,” and that, “I get to miss class ever once in awhile to work at the Celebrate Art day, Leadership Day, and to go on our Fall Field Trip.”

art club empty bowls
The bowls made for Empty Bowls.

Many of the service projects the Art Club is involved in benefits more than just Greenwood High School. Many of the service projects are done with a partnering program, whether it be a Warren County Elementary school, a local business, or a local organization.

Earlier in the year the Art Club did a collaboration with Natcher Elementary where club members and second-graders created and sculpted their own monsters. Members also created bowls to donate to the Empty Bowls program, where you can purchase a bowl and have dinner in it and the money goes to helping end hunger in Bowling Green.

The Art Club also recently joined with STEAM to make a banner promoting STEAM and all they do in the community and local schools with Science, Math, Engineering, Arts, and Technology.