Greenwood Drumline’s Latest Performance

By Sophie South, Arts and Entertainment Editor/Reporter

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 This past weekend marked another exciting event for the Indoor Drumline. Greenwood’s Drumline  performed at Western Kentucky University on Saturday the 12th for their latest competition. This day was filled with dramatic, jaw-dropping performances.

 This event was hosted through the Winter Guard International. This is a organization that organizes shows around the world for schools who have an Indoor Drumline team. This event was the Mid-South Regional Championships, which have been held in Bowling Green for years.

 Greenwood’s Mr. Hall and his team have been working hard since mid-November learning and perfecting their pieces, which Mr. Hall and another instructor wrote. Their theme for this performance was based on being trapped in an insane asylum. Their performance was called “Unhinged,” which they based the music off of many horror movies.

 For this performance, the team had to have the right outfits and decor to show the meaning of the performance. The team used walls with random graffiti, and the students wore ripped-up clothes and hospital gowns with crazy makeup. These aspects displayed the message of the music, and added a dark and intense twist to the performance.

 Each group performing had about nine minutes to set up their scene, perform, and take everything down. Greenwood’s group had tons of equipment, so this aspect was very stressful and tiring. According to Mr. Hall, the hardest part of the competition was the aspect of having nine minutes to do everything. Greenwood’s music was about five minutes long, which meant they had four minutes to set up and take down their set.

  Greenwood placed 11th with a score of  72.85, which is around what they got the previous year. The students have been working very hard on this, and will be having a preview of their performance Thursday, March 17, at 6 p.m, so make sure to come out and see what these gators been working hard on!


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