Musical Coming Up This Weekend!

By Sophie South, Arts and Entertainment Editor/Reporter

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Ever since the cast lists were posted in December for Greenwood’s production of Mary Poppins, the students and teachers have been working extremely hard to make this show a big success. This week is called “Tech Week,” where directors (Ms. Osborne and Mrs. Cassady) and the students try to work hard to perfect the show for the final showtimes and work on the more technical side of things.

“As directors we are responsible for every aspect of the show including all the little things that no one thinks of like finding a videographer, making props, designing sets, fundraising, etc. We ask a lot of wonderful people to help us with our show because there is no way we could do it alone,” said Ms. Osborne.

The main characters have been working extra hard to recreate the amazing story on stage. Monday and Tuesday’s rehearsal went by slowly, lasting until 11 at night. Crew worked very hard moving sets on and off the stage, moving them to either side of the stage, and making sure cast members have everything thing they need. Cast members are running their dance parts, changing costumes repeatedly, and getting their hair and makeup done.

Last week consisted of getting the choreography memorized, getting every set and prop piece done, and getting everyone’s lines down pat in their brains. These rehearsal times varied, but some included late nights.

According to co-director Mrs. Cassady, she said, “The musical is coming together beautifully! I am so excited about so many different parts of this show. Our crew has done a great job in making the show beautiful, and we have some pretty neat choreography, as well!”

This year is very special, with the chance of making Mary Poppins and Bert fly throughout the play. Our musical crew includes a very important “fly team,” which helps transition them from one side to the other over the course of the musical.

Tech consists of late-night hours, hard work, hungry cast and crew members, and sleep deprivation. Parents have provided plenty of food items and water for the students over the course of this grueling week. So far this week, students, parents, and the directors have had to stay at Van Meter until 11 every night. While everyone is tired, they are all on their toes doing everything they need to do.

Shows will be open for the public on March 11-13, which is a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. On Friday and Saturday, show times will be at six o’clock at night, while Sunday’s show will be at three in the afternoon. All of these shows will be performed at the famous Van Meter on Western Kentucky University’s campus. Tickets are ten dollars each, and you can purchase them at the front desk of the office or at the door when you arrive!

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